Although having a site is generally identified as simply uploading files to a server and linking a domain to them, in fact a complete set of services lies under any site that you see online. A few examples would be the opportunity to create and handle databases or e mail addresses, to access your files via FTP, to check site visitor stats and to manage numerous domain records. Each one of these things contributes to your web presence in one way or another and if any of them is missing or is hard to handle, the overall management of your website could become annoying. In this light, it is important to not only have full control of your Internet hosting space and domains, but also to have the capacity to manage them easily.
Website Manager in Shared Hosting
If you purchase a shared hosting from our company and host your Internet sites on our revolutionary cloud platform, you can reap the benefits of the state-of-the-art, though simple-to-use Website Manager tool, which is part of our in-house created Hepsia Control Panel. The tool shall provide you with far better control over your Internet content than any other tool available on the market, as it features a simplistic, novice-friendly interface, but offers enough options for proficient users as well. One tool will permit you to change the DNS records for any domain, to update the WHOIS details or to hide them using our Whois Privacy Protection service, to access the Internet site files, to set up a script application, to check on visitor statistics, to order an SSL certificate and much, much more. These things are available in one place and you could accomplish any of them with simply several clicks using quick-access buttons, that will save you a lot of time and which will make the management of your web presence super easy.
Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers
The Website Manager tool, offered with our semi-dedicated server solutions and that is part of the Hepsia CP, provides you with everything you require to be able to manage your web presence efficiently. As soon as you open the tool, you shall find a list of all the domain names that are registered or hosted within the account. Clicking on each of them shall bring up a pop-up where quick-access links will permit you to do a lot of things with simply a mouse click - to check in depth site visitor stats, to set up a script application using our 1-click installer, to create a new e-mail address or to acquire an SSL certificate. These are only a couple of options that you will be able to access with no problem, as everything will be available in one particular place. The Website Manager features a clean and intuitive interface and it may be used both by beginners and by more tech-savvy users.